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Light peeling is a chemical treatment designed to remove superficial layers of the skin. It is used to help “dry out” active acne, dislodge blackheads, help reduce shallow wrinkling and scarring, help lighten hyperpigmented spots (darkened spots on the skin) and improve the appearance and health of sun damaged, acne-prone, and aging skin. Dark complexioned individuals run a risk of temporary darkening (hyperpigmentation) that could last several weeks. This temporary darkening will gradually fade with the use of topical bleach lotion, topical glycolic exfoliant,and a potent sunblock worn each day. We cannot predict who will/will not hyperpigment and dark-skinned patients must undertake chemical peels at their own risk. No guarantees can be made as to exact results, peeling time, or discomfort. It may take several peels, four to six weeks apart, accompanied by use of a bleaching lotion and diligent use of sunblocks to obtain total lightening of hormonal or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The peeling is accomplished with a chemical solution. Before the solution is applied, your skin is cleansed with a facial wash that thoroughly cleanses the skin. It would be most helpful if you would remove any facial makeup prior to the treatment. After the application of the special cleanser, a glycolic “prep” solution is applied over the surface to be peeled. This solution is used to remove the lipid (oil) barrier and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and to prepare the skin for an even application of the peel formula.

The peel formula is applied with cotton swab applicators. Some patients experience a warm, burning or stinging sensation during the peel. This can be relieved by having a fan blowing on the face. After application of the chemical, your face may have a white, frosted appearance. This is caused by the peel solution and usually fades within a couple of hours. During the next few days, your face will appear red and progressively become a deeper red, turning to a deep tan to brown color. In most cases, peeling usually occurs between the second and fifth day following the treatment. Your skin will probably become very dry, tight, and somewhat uncomfortable.

The outcome of the peeling depends solely on you! Though you should not wash your face the first day, you can rinse your face with cool water and pat dry as often as you like after the first hours following the peel. After the second day post-peel, you may apply a thin layer of Vaseline or Bacitracin. ABSOLUTELY NO PICKING OR PEELING SKIN IS PERMITTED!!

Potent sunblock must be applied 30 minutes prior to sun exposure, no matter how brief,and sun exposure is discouraged.

If you decide to continue with the light peel treatments, they should be spaced a minimum of four (4) weeks. The number of peels required for any given problem varies with each patient. It is impossible to know in advance how much peeling will occur. There is no limit to the number of peels a person can receive, as long as improvement continues.


  1. A person on Accutane or Retin-A must have discontinued use of these medications for at least six (6) weeks prior to a chemical peel. .
  2. All skin disease (other than acne or razor bumps) and infections, including herpes or cold sores.
  3. Patients with eczema, severe distended capillaries, dark skin, aspirin allergy, and unrealistic expectations should not get this peel.

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